Pancakes Instead of Pizza

The flight into DFW was only noteworthy because the airline had successfully delivered the luggage for 197 of the 198 passengers.

Most of the time he would have found it amusing to be the one passenger whose clothing and toiletries had opted to vacation without him, but today wasn’t one of those days.

He had planned on checking into the hotel first thing so that he could confirm his dress clothes wouldn’t require ironing or any sort of last minute trip to the dry cleaner.

His first meeting was far too early to worry about such things the day of but sometimes god laughs at the plans people make.

So instead of chilling out in the hotel and figuring out what he wanted for dinner he made a quick trip to Target to pick up clean underwear, a t-shirt and toiletries.

Two minutes after paying for his goods he sat down in the rental car and decided to drive across the parking lot to grab a couple slices of pizza.

It wasn’t his favorite place but it was good and it was close, or at least it had been when it was in business.

“Dammit, I have only been gone for 18 months. When did this happen.”

Grumbling he drove past the chicken place at the far end of the strip mall and headed towards another that he was certain would offer multiple choices for his dinner.

Thirty-five minutes later he finished his pancakes and tried calling the airline to see if they had located his luggage.

When they told him they hadn’t he asked them what their reimbursement policy was for lost luggage and headed off to the hotel.

He knew his way around well enough to have found his way to the mall but it was late and he wasn’t certain he would get there before it closed.

It took all of three minutes for him to confirm that the drivers hadn’t gotten any better since he had lived there.

“No luggage, idiots driving pick-up trucks and a 9 AM interview. That is a recipe for success, now isn’t it.”

His words hung unanswered in the air.

“Keep talking to yourself Jack and you’ll figure this out. Just remember to stop when you are back in public.”

He knew he was over tired when he started giggling at himself.

“Jackie old boy, you made a mistake you chose pancakes over pizza. Why didn’t you go out for barbecue?”

He shrugged his shoulders and answered his own question.

“Because I planned on doing it tomorrow night when I relax and enjoy my meal. Besides, if it goes as you think you’ll eat it as frequently as you want.”

In the back of his mind he silently asked what would happen if it didn’t go that way.

He didn’t answer his own question, just shrugged his shoulders and said he’d figure it out.

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