Not Just Another New Year’s Eve

“Baby, I never thought this would happen. Can you believe it?”

“Believe what?”

“It is not just another New Year’s Eve, it is the first one we are spending together.”

“Last year was the last one we’ll ever spend apart.”

“That is so romantic, I can’t believe it is finally happening.”

“Why? I promised we would find a way. I said if you held onto me we’d get there.”

“And I told you to go away. I told you the romance was dead and there would never be another moment. I told you to go.”

He looked at her and smiled.

“I ignored you.”

For a moment her eyes narrowed and he saw her play with what sort of response she was going to give.

“I hate being ignored.”

“Every woman hates being ignored.”

“I am not every woman.”

“No, you are not and that is part of why I am here with you and not with them.”

He knew she wanted to be reassured so he told her again that he had never stopped loving her and had always been certain she had never stopped loving him either.

“That was risky. How could you know that? You can’t control my feelings.”

“No, I can’t and as much as I say I know things I knew that I was taking a chance. I knew that you might really mean it one day or at least that you would think you did but…”

She looked at me and told me to finish my thought.

“I still remember when you said we were family and we’d never be apart. That was when I knew you were serious. But I also knew that ‘practical’ side might grab your ear again.

“Wait, are you saying you thought I might not know how I felt. I am not one those wishy-washy girls.”

“No, you are not. You are decisive and sometimes the ‘practical’ part of you will make a quick decision that you think is right but isn’t necessarily exactly what you would want to do. I figured I needed to get you alone and see if you would let me kiss you.”

“I didn’t let you kiss me. You kept trying until I gave in.”

“And as soon as you gave in you led me to the bedroom. Sounds like someone knew exactly what she was doing.”

“No, I knew exactly what would happen once you kissed me and decided there was no reason to fight it.”

“Still sounds to me like someone said no because she thought she was supposed to and not because she wanted to.”

She asked me again to tell her why I loved her and wondered how we had made it so far.

I said we just had and that sitting on the couch alone on New Year’s Eve was proof that this is/was exactly what we wanted.

She kissed me again and said she loved me.

“Now that we are together you better work on learning how to listen to me. I don’t like being ignored.”

I smiled and told her that I didn’t think it would be a problem because she knew how to keep my attention.

She rolled her eyes at me and asked if everything was always going to be sexual with me.

“We’ll be the 90 somethings who make the 20 somethings jealous.”

“I don’t know whether that is romantic or disgusting.”

I smiled at her, “Baby, you know that if all I wanted was sex I could have found that elsewhere. I didn’t go through all this just to share your bed. I did it to share a life.”

She smiled again.

“You do know I am never going to let you go and you better start eating better because I am going to hold you to your word, dirty old man.”

He pretended not to hear her. When she tapped him on the shoulder and told him it wasn’t funny he laughed and said it was.

That interchange led to some wrestling on the ground and it was only after they came up to air they realized they had missed the ball drop.

“She kissed him again and told him as long as he promised never to leave she’d forgive him for making her miss the countdown and told her he’d forgive her as long as she promised to be his New Year’s Eve date from now until eternity.

“I will, but only if you promise not to ignore me.”

“Will you be my girl?”

“I have always been your girl.”

“I guess I’ll never ignore you.”

She saw the twinkle in his eyes when he said it and lay her head on his shoulder and they spent the rest of the night talking and then watched the sun rise on their patio.

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