And then one day you ask yourself to consider the possibility that maybe you are one of those people who had a couple of great loves for however long you had them and that is all you get or all you have got.

Maybe you used up all of your mojo and finished all of your magic living and loving and all you get now are memories. If that is the case you could choose to put those memories in a box and no longer leave them on display. And maybe in thirty or forty years you can take those dusty things out of the box and take a look at them again.

That is if you really need to, because you might not.

Some people never get as much as you got. Maybe that is it. Maybe that is enough.

But you never answer the question and though you put those things in a box you know exactly where they lie and you wonder about lies in general.

Because sometimes we lie to others and sometimes we lie to ourselves, but sooner or later there comes a reckoning with ourselves and it matters not if anyone else is involved because your heart and head serve as judge and jury.

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