How Did He Know

They asked him how and why he could be so certain about a person and he said that every time they kissed he felt electric shocks go through him.

“Did you ever wonder if that was something that wouldn’t last, there is truth to things changing after the honeymoon period.”

He nodded, smiled and said there was years between the kisses and that time never changed how it felt to kiss her.

“Did it feel that way for her every time too?”

He said he thought so but he honestly didn’t know because he didn’t ask.

“Men are so dumb, you should have asked her. Girls like to talk about these things.”

He shook his head and laughed, “girls like to talk about them when they think it is safe. Some won’t ever share their thoughts with you because they don’t want to be vulnerable with you or feel like they are out of control.”

This time she shook her head and told him he should leave psychology to the doctors.

“Did you ever wonder or think she might like a more traditional approach. Women like to be pursued. We want to know you are into us and once we know that we’ll tell you what we think.

“I’ll tell you what I think. I think if she really wanted me around she could have just as easily told me that. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if she flipped flopped about what she wanted ten thousand times. Some people fight too hard to stay in control and some fight too hard to avoid getting hurt.”

“Are you talking about her or you?”

“I am not talking about either. I am just saying that those electric shocks never went away. That is good enough for me.”

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