Fear Of Lack Or Lack Of Fear

Long ago he figured out that one of the secrets to being happy was determining whether he wanted to after something because he wanted or needed it.

It didn’t always have to be an either/or situation, there were moments when it was both. That made determining how to respond to certain questions quite easy. If you want and need something you do what you have to do to obtain it.

The harder situations usually crept up when you weren’t sure if it was want or need. Need was something you definitely followed up on and want, well want was something you might chase.

Kind of depended on what it was and what was involved in trying to obtain it.

But the thorniest and most difficult of all situations was always tied into people. Objects were usually simple, you had the money, ability and or means to obtain it and that was that. But you can’t buy people, at least no one you ever really want or need.

People weren’t objects. People weren’t things. They were living, breathing, thinking creatures who could choose to be with you or to tell you to get lost.

Sometimes they could do both, tell you to go and stay. They didn’t operate based upon logic…most of the time.

Most of the time people made arbitrary decisions that were tied into fear of lack or lack of fear.

Sometimes he wondered where his decision making fell on that scale, but most of the time he didn’t. He was certain of where and what drove it.

Didn’t matter that he was convinced he was spot on about what he needed and wanted either because it wasn’t something he could fix on his own. All he could do was keep his eyes and ears open and enjoy the journey.

Not to mention not allow fear to drive his decision making in one direction or another. Whenever it was that he took his final breath he wanted to say he had done all he could to live a life that wasn’t based upon being a leaf in a stream.

He may not have always controlled where the current took him but it wasn’t for lack of trying to change or influence things. Sometimes you went with the flow and sometimes you went against it. But you did so knowing there were always people who would say you were wrong or misguided.

Life favors the bold.

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