Just Let It In

It may have all been true and it may have been real but there is a difference between what once was and what is.

That is what the boy who got chills watching the Millenium Falcon thought and believed.

When they asked him who he was he said “no one of consequence.”

Not because he thought it would be funny to quote a movie and not because he was trying to be melodramatic but because the reflection he saw in the mirror did not match the one he saw in his mind.

To talk about who he had been was to subject himself to running into a wall over and over again. You can’t go back in time. You can’t change what has happened and you can’t sit on the wall crying because you got locked out.

You can only move forward into an uncertain future and make your way into becoming the person you will be.

Fear fools people into thinking that it can’t be better than what was and that you were is someone that is better than who you are now.

But if you take off your blindfold and look towards the sky you can see the opportunity to do more and be more is there.

Possibility can turn into opportunity but only if you let it in.

He looked around the room, confirmed that it was empty and screamed. Didn’t know if it was frustration, sadness or anger, maybe because it was a mix of all three.

A minute that felt like an hour passed and he raised his head and promised to no one in particular that he would go the distance because he would see what he had started through.

When they asked him what he had done he didn’t give any specific details, he just said he had walked away and never looked back.

“I don’t talk to ghosts and neither should you.”

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