Can A Kiss Change Your Life

Anyone who has been kissed the right person(s) knows the answer is that a single kiss can change your life but only a few have ever shared the story and or stories of those kisses.

Cue Phantom of The Opera and All I Ask Of You.

The scene moves from the present into the past and then hits several key moments in time.

We see a man and a woman and watch as they come together, get pulled apart and find their way back together.

They take turns proclaiming why it will never work and why it has to work. Each intersession bookended by a kiss that reminds them of why they cannot seem to separate.

Unlike the audience they do not ever gain the full picture of what happens to the other during the years in which they are apart.

All they have are small glimpses and questions about what may or may not be happening with the person they think may or may not be for them.

Of course that is intermixed with questions and suspicion about what that other person is doing during this time.

Yet those questions are erased by the kisses and the idea of separation being anything other than short term begin to become more painful and more difficult.

Perhaps if they had access to the whole picture granted to the audience they would feel differently.

Maybe it would push them together or maybe it would pull them apart, one never knows and that is part of what sets the intrigue for the audience.

And then comes a time of reckoning when choices are made and they find themselves…

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