That crazy feeling comes and goes, a burning sensation like resembles a fire that is never extinguished.

Sometimes you tamp it down and it turns into hot embers but it doesn’t much to become a roaring inferno again.

There is no rhyme or reason to it, you won’t find answers in a library or a book about physics.

No succor in math or science to be found either.

It simply is and sooner or later those embers become red hot flames and you remember what you always knew.

There is no going back, only forward down a path whose final destination can only be felt and not seen.

You can dance in the fire and enjoy the burn or you can fight the flames and feel the ache.

The choices you make all lead to the same place. It is an intersection you were always going to reach and a place you were always going to visit.

The question isn’t if, but when.

Life is a mixture of magic and madness and a double dose of laughter and love.

It is always best to ease on down the road to find the witch or the wizard who shares that path, but we don’t always choose what’s best.

That is because what is best isn’t always easiest.

Sometimes we choose not to fight inertia because we choose easy thinking it is synonymous with right, but it doesn’t work that way.

What is good is not cheap and what is cheap is not good. The prize is not handed out, it has to be earned.

That is what the burning is about. It is what wakes you up and asks you to pay attention.

Once you become aware of it you won’t ever forget about it.

That burning and that ache will continue until you find that one person or thing and then and only then will you find peace.

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