Fun With Numbers

9 19-20-9-12-12 12-15-22-5 25-15-21

It was nothing but numbers on a page, no rhyme or reason that could be seen.

They did their best impression of Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown but still they couldn’t quite figure it out.

Turned on Jim Croce’s Greatest Hits, grabbed a couple of beers and a pizza and tried to figure out if perhaps they were missing the obvious.

It was clearly not a reference to Hilbert’s problems, or at least they didn’t think so. For a while they had thought maybe it was, but that was only because someone had suggested it might be.

But the misdirection of the obvious plays its own role in obfuscating what should be known and understood.


They stared at the words on the page and thought about another quote often shared,

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. ”

Maybe the answer lay there. Maybe it was somewhere in the middle and midst.

“Men can stick it anywhere and as long as you find a willing participant you are happy.”

He shook his head, “that is something people say because it makes them feel good, but it is not true.”

“What is the truth?”

“Most women wouldn’t know it if it bit them on the ass and said hello.”

“There is no point in being rude.”

“There is no point in being nice either, neither serves its master as well as people want them to.”

She told him to be straight and he said he’d think about it.

“Figure out the code and maybe I’ll share what I know and what I think.”

“That is obnoxious.”

He just smiled and walked away.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“To find my shadow and or answers to some serious questions.

A bell made her turn her head and when she looked back he was gone.

“Where are you? Come back. It makes me nervous when you disappear and I don’t hear anything from you. Don’t mess with me, it is not nice.”

The silence of his departure grew louder and she began to wonder whether it was real or temporary.

Meanwhile on the other side

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