Pictures, Thoughts & Ideas


“Relationships” are funny things in that your status impacts what is proper to share and what is not.

Take the picture above and think for a moment about what sort of response you might get from your girlfriend/wife as opposed to your neighbor or coworker.

If things are good with the girlfriend/wife you might be told it is funny and or be encouraged to act out the scene in real life.

And if things aren’t, well they may ignore the picture or let you know in no uncertain terms they don’t appreciate your having sent it over.

As for your neighbor or coworker, well this is where things can get really interesting because if they have a secret interest in you this sort of thing might lead to the kind of interaction that moves from fantasy into real life.

That is assuming it goes well and doesn’t turn into a restraining order, nasty note or time with HR.

So maybe you think it is better to go with something softer and more romantic.

Maybe something like one of these:

Sundays and Stuff

Those have a certain style and pizzaz to them that lend themselves to painting a picture, a thought and an idea in a person’s head.

They might help move someone to take a chance on the idea and see where it goes or they might not.

You never can tell whether all you have is this idea or if it is something that is forever locked in lyric.


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