Words In My Head

There is this crazy idea floating around inside my head about the conversation I want to have and the way I want to have it.

Can’t say if it is because I have watched too many television shows or seen too many movies not to realize how preposterous it is.

There are variations on the idea, but the basic outline goes something like this. I find you in the midst of doing something ordinary and the world stops around us.

You give me one of those looks that say you are not sure what I am doing there, but not in the hell are you stalking me kind of way.

The speaker overhead starts playing God Only Knows and as The Beach Boys serenade us I walk up and kiss you. That says all that needs to be said and we ride off into the sunset confident that we can overcome any challenges that lie ahead of us.

There is a part of me that is firmly convinced it is possible, probable and likely, meaning you wouldn’t scream for the police.

And another part of me is certain it would end in disaster and though you wouldn’t call the police the tongue lashing I’d get would leave my ears bleeding.

Still, there is this thought floating around inside my head that says you are worth taking the chance on and that magic never dies, might go dormant but it never dies. That is what happens when you have one of the great love stories of all time.

You know there is another version of this crazy idea where I convince Carole King to show up and play Tapestry while I get my five minutes to try to ask you to take my hand and see what happens.

Maybe I am a fool who can’t see reality or maybe it is because I am a fool who can see reality that these thoughts and ideas cross my mind. Both could be true and both could be false.

There has to be some mathematical equation that makes sense of it all and helps to illustrate how the rational and irrational can work together.

It is all part of a dream I once had in which shooting stars lit up a black sky and highlighted a path that leads to our own heaven on earth. Because sometimes we create our own secret world that no one else can see or understand.

Not because it is a secret from others but because it is custom made of magic, unexpected surprises and something indescribable and unforgettable.

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