He wasn’t going to move anything from heart to head to page because he was jammed for time or so he told himself.

Except brutal honesty required him to say he would put a few down because it was a sort of conversation with himself and someone important to him.

Because he was somewhere between scared and certain that everything he was doing was the best he could do and yet not good enough.

Had to keep moving forward because there was no time or reason to stay in place. The past was what was and the present wasn’t right for the future so moving forward was required.

Didn’t matter what certain outcomes were, none of the ones he hoped for could come from a stationary existence.

So he cast out his thought about many things, hugs, quiet conversations, laughter, hot sex and the quiet confidence that came from holding hands in silence.

There was more that could be said in more eloquent or more descriptive terms. Could be more romantic or more forceful because those were options too, but for the moment he could do nothing but tap a couple of keys.

Tickle that board and see what showed up on the page and wonder if confidence, and vulnerability would do a damn thing.

Maybe not, maybe yes, there was never a way to see what lay on the other side of doors you didn’t knock upon or try to open.

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