The Game Is Afoot

He was standing in the middle of an airport waiting for a plane to take him back to his new home when he realized he was slow dancing by himself.

Willie was singing The Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning and he was softly swaying back and forth, lost in a secret world.

He wasn’t upset or embarrassed by the realization and it wasn’t because no one had noticed him but because it felt like a hint of the future.

Somewhere out in the ether there was someone who would say he was crazy to think such a thing. The thought made him giggle a bit and a curvy lip broke into a broad smile.

“The game is afoot now and there is no telling where it might end. Maybe in a book or a movie or a broken heart.

What would you do if I said I have never stopped loving you and that I can’t stomach the idea of never kissing you again. What would you do if I said we ought to ‘accidentally’ show up in the same theater and share a moment in a movie.”

The reflection mocked him and made the words sound hollow and forced.

He turned and unleashed the full force of his glare upon it and was gifted with the same look in return.

“I see through you. I know who you are. I own space in your head and your heart rent free. Maybe you’ll open your eyes or maybe you won’t. Willful blindness is a gift and a curse.”

He held out his hand and waited to see if the reflection would leave it hanging or take it.

A wink and a smile followed, “when you think of me, you ought to know I am…”

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