You’re Mine

You’re mine and have been for years.

That is not as territorial nor as possessive as it sounds, it is just a statement of fact.

Sure there have been more than a few times when you have disputed this and or called me crazy for saying such things.

Those have always been punctuated by the moments in which you have told me I was yours and always would be and suggested there would never be a reason why it would be any different.

Sometimes I would suggest you operate off of your own double standards and then laugh when you tried to say otherwise. Logic is not as strong a suit as you might wish for and no amount of protest will change my mind.

And now stuck between George singing My Sweet Lord and It Don’t Come EasyIt Don’t Come Easy a wry smile crosses my face.

Two days ago I was accused of being deaf and of being able to ignore the world and I laughed because I am and I can.

It don’t come easy but the best things never do.

They ask for the difference between crazy and insane and all I do is wink.

The music in this place is still pumping out songs of long ago but ones that sometimes have meaning that transcends time and space.

Understanding meets misunderstanding and chaos is unleashed because no one hears the words that are said or listens to those that follow.

The time for thought is past and action takes its place but no one knows where the ball will end up on the spinning wheel or whether its placement will lead to cheering or cries of sorrow.

One giant adventure caused by a contraction and the word that follows. You’re mine.

Maybe once upon a lifetime ago or maybe never again and the silver ball bounces from red to black to red to black to…

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