Reaching For The Sky

Sometimes you find yourself wondering how and where you fell short of where it is you want or hope to be.

So you start asking about whether it is a just moment in time or the place you are going to occupy.

You close your eyes and think about what reality is and think hard about whether you are willing to just occupy a single space.

It is a game of inches and a willingness to take a step forward and move the needle when there seems to be no reason or chance to do so.

You can look at the pop culture references and roll your eyes at them because they are trite or cheesy or you can use them to push you.

Because when you face adversity and challenges you have to figure out a way not to be paralyzed by the question of what happens if you fail.

It is not easy.

There are people who stand alongside you regardless of whether they are still in your life or not.

People who helped make it possible to dream big and to imagine that you have a real shot at going to the distance.

And there are always those who will dismiss your dreams and accuse you of being incapable and unreasonable.

You can listen to them tell you why it is impossible or you can ask if what you seek is merely improbable.

Sometimes you cross the desert and or sail across stormy seas because you know home is a place you create with those who journey with you.

Because you hear a symphony inside your head and see a vision of a place that doesn’t yet exist but might if you have the courage to try and create it.

It is not easy and it is scary but it is downright terrifying to never attempt to find out whether fantasy might be reality.

Some people tear through our lives like a shooting star.

They light up our sky and for a moment in time we marvel in the glory of the moment and then they go and the moment goes with them.

We never know whether the moment will be a minute or a million but we do know that if we don’t see them again on this side we hope maybe we will on the next.

Close the door and turn out the lights because the movie is over and the chapter is done.

It is time to see what comes next.

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