The Love Of Your Life

Sometimes people call you the love of their life and promise they will do anything and everything to be there for you but fail to follow through upon that promise.

It might make you scratch your head because you have been to hell and back with them and can’t your dreams not being realized.

And it might make you angry because you can’t believe all that happened or all that hasn’t.

But you need to let go of that anger and push past that pain and accept the possibilities:

  1. They have moved on for whatever reason and your time is over,
  2. They haven’t moved on and might come at some point in the future but your laser focus upon the present prevents you from seeing the bigger picture.
  3. It is something you haven’t considered and you need stop wondering and waiting because it will happen or it won’t.

Acknowledge your love for them and be the hero who walks away without knowing what outcome there will be because you just want them to be happy.

Love yourself enough to remember that you deserve to live a life with or without them.

Love will find you again and if it is not them it will be someone else and it will all be ok.

Be open to possibilities, opportunities, and options.

Remember your heart and your head have to work together because separately they function at 48% and collectively at 96%.

That missing 4 percent is made up of luck and mystery but very few ever get to find it.

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