If You Are Reading This

“If you are reading this and have been doing so consistently than I know you have a deeper interest than curiosity and it is more than ‘you like my writing.’

I haven’t ever believed differently even if your behavior made it questionable and gave me the idea that maybe I am just crazy.”

He stopped and looked at the handwritten note and thought about how if it was some crazy romantic comedy it would be time for some sort of music and mulled over some ideas.

Maybe Don’t Pull Your Love


Sentimental Lady

And of course somewhere in the midst of it all you have to include the Year Of The Cat.

And then he thought about how if it really was a movie he’d have to include one of those scenes where he’d run through an airport and barely make it to the gate before her flight.

Breathlessly he’d tell her not to go and give her some line about how he knew things and this particular insight made it clear that they had a future together.

He’d say it wasn’t going to be easy and show he had a plan because she would never go for it without that and then she’d agree.

Maybe there would be a kiss or maybe the camera would zoom in on their hands, fingers intertwined and you’d see them walking out together.

But it all depended on the director because he or she might choose to change the focus.

They might choose to go with a cliffhanger where you didn’t know whether it would end with joy or heartbreak.

Where you couldn’t see if she said yes or no and in an era of sequels that is likely.

She would say “I love you too” and then would come the ‘but’ or maybe it would be more aggressive.

“You are crazy and I would never be with you again.”

They’d show him walking away, head down, unaware that she was watching him go, tears in her eyes.

And the audience would yell at the screen, “turn around, she doesn’t mean it” and that crazy director would make sure the hero would turn his head slightly.

Just enough to let the audience know he might have noticed her but not enough to confirm and they’d have to wait to see if he would fight for her or move on.

Maybe that would lead into Stevie singing I was Made to Love Her

or some song by Journey, insert flashes of the two of them living their separate lives

Add a dash of Van Morrison right about the point it looks like they are about to reconnect:

If you had to include something modern for the younger kids you might add something like this

Or then again you could go the other direction entirely and turn it into something darker, studio might insist going that route because of the potential for money made from the sequel.

He looked down at the handwritten note and felt self-conscious and stupid. That led to feeling angry so he added a few lines that he thought might push her away.

“If you were smart you’d just submit and let me dominate you because you clearly need it from me.”

That didn’t read quite right so he scratched it out and tried something about bending her over the couch.

He decided that didn’t sound quite right either so he scratched it out as well.

Thing was she might be pissed off by all of those things and she might not. She might actually like it, you never could tell for certain.

That irritated him some more and he went back to his initial thought and wrote more about how she kept reading and how contradictory and illogical it all was.

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