Back At BJs

He sat down at the bar, grabbed a drink and watched the baseball game on television.

Over to his left two women dissected their lives in great detail, each one giving the other 25 minutes to share all of the important minutiae with the other.

“Sometimes I think about him and wonder what he is up to but I would never call him because I don’t want to give him the wrong idea.”

Her girlfriend laughed and called her a liar.

“You totally would sleep with him again. You can’t fool me. We’re too old to play games, just admit it.”

The other smiled and said she might.

The conversation would have continued but they had caught him listening and the one looked at him and started quizzing him.

“Would you sleep with an ex  and if so, would you think she was desperate or still in love with you?”

He smiled and said he wouldn’t waste time wondering about either. If I chose to sleep with her it would be because I wanted to and not because I wondered if she was desperate or still in love.

“Men can put it anywhere.”

He shook his head and said that wasn’t really true.

“I don’t know if I agree, the men I know aren’t as principled as you are. So, is there an ex meets your high standards?”

He nodded his head and said there was, “I don’t know if it will ever happen because we seem to do this ridiculous circle dance where you never walk away and you never get together.”

The blond nodded and said she understood, that happens in really intense relationships. She probably doesn’t know what to do about you so she makes up reasons to be angry or stay away from you.

He nodded his head. “The funny thing is I know if she actually spent time with me I could talk my way right back into her world. Of course if I said the wrong thing I could talk myself right out of it too.”

The blond nodded, “That is true. What would you say to her?”

“I want to covfefe you.”

The blond shook her head, “you better hope she finds that funny because she might think it is stupid and you’ll be going home alone.”

“Hell, there is no telling what the right or wrong thing is. There was a time I could have said anything and her clothes would have been off before I could finish and a time where I could promised her the world, said I was always wrong and begged and discovered 19 padlocks around prime areas.

So I don’t do a damn thing except be honest with myself about how I feel and live my life. If she is meant to be she will be and if not, well it it makes no difference then huh.

Two hours and three drinks later he had moved into their booth and decided he wanted to go find a cave.

“Life sucks and not in the way I like so it is time to go rest.

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