Her Hips Don’t Lie

I grabbed her hips as I passed by and laugh as I feel her stiffen up.

She hisses something that doesn’t sound like encouragement at me and I grab a handful of hair and tug lightly.

This time I recognize her words and know they aren’t being said with love and affection but we’re pretending to be kids so this is just part of a dumb game.

In a short time she’ll tell me she hates me and I’ll call her crazy.

We’ll go back and forth for a bit and then after we hurt each other we’ll wind up in bed and apologize for our bad behavior.

“I am so sorry honey. I love you and it hurt to be in that other place without you.”

“I love you too. Let’s not fight again.”

“Does this mean you’ll give me a blow job every day?”

“Of course, it is my 3rd favorite thing to do in the world and I love making you happy.”

Cue sappy music, lovey-dovey faces and fade to black.

Roll thunder and lightning and raise curtain.

Bloody bodies lie on the floor and you can almost hear the echo of their screams.

Way off in the distance show two people walking near each other, but make it hard to figure out if they are close enough to be holding hands or far apart because they are armed with rifles.


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