Just Say No

He stopped packing long enough to look at the papers that had fallen out of the box he was carrying.

“Darling, if you ever say no to me I might not let you into my bed again.”

“Sweetheart, when I say no you will work twice as hard to get me into OUR bed again.”

“Baby, that sounds like some silly game. Don’t do that. You know I have to touch you.”

“I have to do more than touch you, but every now and then you need to remember I am not just a piece of meat. I am a man, I have feelings.”

“I’ll take those feelings and make them feel soooo good.”

“You know as soon as get home I am going to tear your clothes off.”

“Why wait until we get home. Meet me in the bathroom.”

He remembered the party they had been at but not how they had started writing the note back and forth.

And he remembered the bathroom and the skirt she had worn. Thank god for skirts.


He put the note back in the box and made a point not to go through it because he knew he wouldn’t be happy.

This was the box with the notes that said they were best friends and lovers forever. The place where the promises were memorialized and looking at it would give him hope, make him sad and make him angry.

That wasn’t a good combination.

He had too much going on to wonder about the future or to wrestle again with throwing out the box.

Part of him wanted to. It made sense.

But he had refused because a voice inside his head said it would be wrong and that he would be sorry.

He supposed it was because he knew the only way to stay angry with her was to make a list or do things to force the issue.

That wasn’t how he operated, that was how she did.

He wondered if she ever closed her eyes and saw him looking back at her the way it sometimes happened for him.

He figured it did because regardless of what was said they were different and they had one of those connections of that much he was certain.

Didn’t matter because unless he opened her eyes and looked through her heart things would be as they were.

Less complicated and easier in many ways, but with potential that might always leave them wondering what if.

“Damn woman, sometimes I don’t know which of us is crazier.”

He put the box on the truck and went back to working on the stuff that was right in front of him. If it is meant to be it will happen and if not, well that last memory was one of many that made him smile.

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