Whole Lotta Love

She told him that she would love him forever and he said he would hold her to it.

“That is ok, I like when you hold me.”

Many years later she called him crazy and told him to get lost but he didn’t just go away. He persisted.

She asked why and he said, “you are pretty decent in bed.”

That irked her because no one wants to hear they are decent in bed, especially when they know they aren’t.

But it made her wonder, did he really think she was just decent or was it just a trick to get her pants off.

She didn’t want to ask because he would say something like it would work for a dress or skirt too.

Truth was they made each other crazy and she began to wonder what would happen if he really disappeared the way he said he could.

She had never really believed it, but you never knew with him. Sometimes he could be exceptionally stubborn and would do things just because others said not to.

It reminded her of the time he said that whenever she thought of him he was thinking of her too.

And then she heard him say he wanted to kiss her as if one kiss would make her tear off her skirt and let him ravish her.

Well, he had said he wanted to dominate her and she had wanted to submit, but only if it was done in precisely the right way.

Other ways made him more annoying and less sexy. He ought to understand that.

Back in the male side of things he thought about calling her and saying he was done with this crap, “you are going to sleep with me because we both want it and we’ll figure out how to work it out.”

That made her happy and angry simultaneously and she didn’t know what to do about it.

He said stop thinking and just give in. Relent and relax, it is going to be ok unless love is dead and destiny is a myth.

Sometimes the practical ideas made no sense and the things you wanted most happened even though they were crazy.

Truth is stranger than fiction and girls are nuts or so the prophets wrote on the subway walls.

Maybe love conquers all or maybe all conquers love.

Hell if anyone knew or understood anything.

He sure didn’t, so he just sat on the floor and unpacked boxes. One big house surrounding him and his stuff.

All those rooms and no one but him.


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