Secret World

If ever there was a time when he wanted to set up a visit in the secret world, now was it.

In his mind he saw two people who had trouble staying angry with each other. Two people who would like to put the masks down and spend time together because they were different.

Not different in the sense of weird or strange but different in that you could lock them up in a closet for a month and they would come out still talking and still happy to be together.

They just got along because they genuinely liked each other and liked being together. It felt good.

It didn’t mean they didn’t bicker or argue because it happened, but because of how well they communicated most of the time they got past the crap.

Most of the time they pushed it aside and all was well.

A good hug or two and whatever else happened always did wonders for them.

In years past she had accused him of being the one with his head in his ass, but this time around he suspected the situation might be reversed.

Well, he had no reason to rush or push so he just didn’t.

It would unfold or it wouldn’t.

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