A Moment

He looked at the screen and saw the picture and green light that showed they were both online at the same time.

Thought about whether he could type a note saying what he really thought and felt and wondered why he was holding back.

Was it fear or intuition?

His head and heart agreed timing was everything and guaranteed if he caught her at the right moment all things were possible.

But it could easily go the other direction too, that is the point of all things being possible.

So he stared the icon and asked himself about possibilities and told the universe if he got a good sign he would do something and take a risk.

The clock was ticking and there was only so much time left. The question was would they play any of it out together or would it be forever relegated to what might have been.

If you asked him what he thought in his heart-of-hearts he was convinced there was more to play out and even though he couldn’t say how it would go he was certain that the final notes hadn’t been heard.

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