Love Comes Walking In

I told her long ago we could have the fairytale and we did until we didn’t.

Had it all, lost it, got it back and now we exist in a place between was and could be never knowing exactly what to say or do with it.

Fear and uncertainty is to blame for choking off the oxygen that fed the fire between us but experience has proven time and time again that embers exist.

Embers that could be doused in arctic seawater and still find a way to generate heat again.

Except those twins, fear and uncertainty still roam the halls sharing whispers about circumstances and timing.

From within the shadows they feed upon doubt and push an agenda called insecurity but there is a different voice that occasionally rises to the surface.

Hope he/she is called and their message is the eternal, “hang in, the best is yet to come.”

So we walk parallel paths and focus on the bumps and potholes in the road in front of us.

Still there is another voice from the depths calling out, ‘dare to love and to be loved.’

Sometimes he turns a corner and expects to see here standing there or behind the wheel of a car nearby.

This roller coaster is one hell of a ride, never know when it will stop long enough for passengers to share the car with you or if they will just wave as you ride by.

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