She Comes…Again

He knew those three words would either make her shake her head in disgust or smile.

Because what is old is new and what is forgotten…familiar.

So we turn on the music and know it says everything.

Once More Into The Breach

He stared at his reflection and wondered how he could be so very different and yet so very much the same.

Wondered if she would stand before him and let the walls down or if they would be torn down regardless of choice as he felt them being done to him.

It wasn’t because a lack of choice because he could push back and keep them standing, but something about that seemed wrong.

Something about it made him certain it would lead to regret and that once more into the breach was where he needed to go.

Can’t find answers or heal the broken parts and pieces without taking chances.

Forward, always forward.

He held out his hand in silence and waited to see if fingers found his for this journey required another because there was no way only one could open the gates and see what lies upon the other side.

So he offered his hand, waited and remembered the days in which they carried each other.

Stared at a place none could see at the empty throne room, two chairs left as they were when last used, ready to be shared again.

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