There was a time not so long ago when he was certain she would listen to this song and picture him, but now he wasn’t convinced.

It wasn’t because he didn’t think she loved him anymore but because he wasn’t convinced she was willing to take a real chance on something that might be difficult and complicated.


That is what he thought was the biggest issue.

Inertia made it appear to be easier to stay in place where you knew and know what you have in hand based upon the past and fragments of the present.

Hell, inertia was probably part of what had tripped him up way back when, but it wasn’t as much of an issue now because he had lost almost everything and been forced to rebuild.

That changed him, especially the overwhelming sense that he had no support other than himself.

Some people would be upset to hear him say so, but it is how he often felt and he had no reason to argue with people about feelings because they aren’t based upon logic, reason or reality.

They are just feelings.

What was different now was as simple as age and time and complex as a lack of a crystal ball could make trying to predict the future.

So he walked one step at a time, told himself if he got an opportunity he would explore it and if he didn’t, well that would open other opportunities.

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