Inside You Again

Her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed when he predicted he would be inside her again.

He looked at her, smiled and said he was referring to her heart and head.

She didn’t say anything, stared at him and he watched the dials turn inside her eyes.

He couldn’t predict whether she believed he wasn’t hitting on her or whether she thought he was but believed he was doing so because of deeper feelings.

“Ya know if I get inside your heart and head again I get everything else too.”

She told him he was being arrogant.

“Not arrogant, it is fact. If you decide you have real feelings there is probably going to a be a time when everything else comes. Don’t know when or where it leads, but if it happens I’ll keep going.”

“Adults can control themselves.”

“I know. I have and I still am. Doesn’t mean I can’t think or speak it. Nor does it guarantee things will or won’t go a certain way. Sometimes I like to put it out there and sometimes I don’t. People are nuts, me included.”

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