Lay Your Cards On The Table

A girl once told me we missed our window and wouldn’t get another shot until we were in our fifties.

I told her maybe that would be how it would have to go and she told me I wouldn’t want her then

I protested and she told me men wouldn’t be interested in a 50 something year old woman and I said she couldn’t know that.

I am sure it made sense to her then because we both thought of 50 as being old but now that we made it neither of us really sees it as being so damn old anymore.

We’re not kids anymore but we’re not ancient either.

Might not look like we once did but definitely don’t look worn out either.

Same girl told me to remember we would always lay our cards on the table and talk things out.

Made sense then, makes sense now. Can’t say if it will happen or where things will lead but got this feeling it might be worth exploring…maybe.

That is the funny thing, we want guarantees that we can’t get without taking a chance or cracking a door open just a little.

So it comes down to what to do, what to do, what to do.

I have a few ideas, but I am not sharing them here. 🙂

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