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What I Would Do

The man told the woman he’d make love to her. “If I could, I’d pump you into next week.

I’d put you on your back and take care of you just as I once did, but with even more tenderness. Because I know how limited time is.

Even if you give yourself to me forever there is a finite amount, so I would take the time and nourish your heart and soul as best I could.


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Closer Again

The man told the woman he liked being close to her and missed it.

He said he still believed in the Virgo/Taurus astrology and that experience made it clear there was truth in it.

He thought about saying more but held off because…

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He Called Her Baby

The not so old but still not so young man called her ‘baby’ and wondered if she heard it in the voice message.

It wasn’t intentional in the respect he didn’t say it to test her response and potential reaction.

You could call it habit but not of the tired because it was said with all the right kind of affection.

Just as when he asked for a blow job, told her he wanted to bend her over the couch or any other euphemism or direct request was more than just lust.

It was trust too.

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