The Man & The Woman Part II

The man saw the woman read his words on Tuesday and wondered if she would come back on Wednesday.

He thought about telling her to read some of the material here or here and then wondered if she had read most of it. Some she had absolutely seen but not all and so he placed the link there and let it be.

There was this question in his head about whether she was chasing him indirectly or at least trying to indicate she wished to be pursued.

He had no doubt she wished to spend real time with him and enjoy all that came with it but recognized she might be processing that in a different way.

Might even think because it held some complications that she ought to avoid it. He had told her that was a mistake for a variety of reasons and that they needed answers that wouldn’t come solely from contemplation.

He suspected that if she were seated in front of him she might even blush and turn from the intensity of his gaze because she knew it would cover body and soul.

Not that she couldn’t handle it, she absolutely could but sometimes he reached beyond the wall and surprised her. Sometimes she he found the girl inside the woman and made her giggle like she hadn’t done in years.

It was fun and sometimes frustrating, but mostly fun.

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