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And So The Adventure Begins

Welcome to Words Left Unwritten the blog that I created to help me focus on Nanowrimo.  This is going to be a sort of supplemental blog that I intend to use to help me build the foundation and structure that I will need to help me write the books that I see inside my head.

Trapped inside my big melon are a million different stories that I need to tell. There are tales of woe and wonder and hope and heroism that I hope look as good in print as they do inside my mind. I think that you will like them and unabashedly dream that millions will love them because that would be amazing.

Amazing because that would put me in a position to follow one of my dreams more thoroughly than ever before. It would be the sort of gift that I could never completely repay but I would try.

But I am not going into this with any expectations other than those I hold for myself. Some of those are things that I dare not speak of yet but I may share with you one day. I expect that interspersed between the entries for Nanowrimo you might find some posts where I share thoughts/ideas about what is going on. I also expect that you will see this evolve as we go along.

In concept I am going to just write with reckless abandon and try to produce  as much content as I can. I don’t plan to do much editing until after I produce most if not all of it. Ideally there won’t be a ton of grammatical and spelling errors so I will be able to focus upon  making sure that I have a real story with a beginning, middle and end.

You are welcome to share your thoughts, comments and ideas here.  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this.

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