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The Man And The Woman

The man and the woman had a long history together in which they were sometimes together and sometimes apart.

But the man felt that even when they were apart, they were never really apart. They were always connected.

It was rare that he didn’t feel it strongly and not unusual for it to feel like a dull ache when she was far away or a sharp pain when she closed off contact.

He always managed and always knew he could and would survive whatever happened, but he wondered what she really thought.

He wondered if she was really honest with him and herself. She said he was the love of her life and he was certain she had meant it.

Sometimes feelings change and it was possible hers had but it was also possible they hadn’t and she had tried to bury things because of circumstances.

Sometimes people convinced themselves of some things. Maybe he had convinced himself and maybe she had convinced herself.

He wanted to spend time with her again to figure that out. He wanted to kiss her because his heart said that would be very telling, like a fairytale romance.

He was sure he was going to get the chance. She had read things he wrote and that was part of what convinced him, but not all.

There were other things too.

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