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I Know You Know

The man told the woman he knew she knew he wanted to take her and have her in a dozen different ways.

He told her he knew she knew he wanted to find out in person if the electricity was still there as he suspected and it wasn’t solely about getting laid either.

He didn’t think she really believed that but he wouldn’t have been surprised if she accused him of that or just wanting her mouth.

“You know better than to believe that. I feel you in the wires woman and I suspect you feel me too.”

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I See You

The man told the woman he saw her just as he knew she could see him.

“I see you woman and I know you have thought about the past, present and the future. There is opportunity to explore and to let your guard down and accept being seen.

There is depth there that you know from experience and maybe now, more than ever being seen is more important. Maybe being seen, listened to and heard at that deeper level is it.

It is why you’ll let me take you.”

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Baby, Oh Baby

He called her baby and asked if she was ready to be taken again.

“There is magic in the air, my dear lady and If you take my hand we can experience it together.

Life is short and we ought to do more than speak on just the soul level. Sometimes the kiss says so much more than words can alone.

You ought to be in my arms again.”

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What I Would Do Part 2

The man told the woman he wanted to know if the feelings were crazy and it was part of why he wanted to have her again.

“I could tell you I’m better for you than that other guy and you’d know it’s true but I am not competing with him. He has the benefit of first mover but that’s not enough.”

He took the 500 words he had written and cut them from the page and saved them elsewhere in case he needed them later.

Instead he wrote about the deep connection and the kisses that were electric and then he stopped.

Not really afraid to go on but not certain either. Confident nonetheless, but restrained just because.

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