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You Have No Right

If I told you the full story and held nothing back you might say I have no right to make the request I have made.

For now I unwilling to share it all here because it is not mine to share, I am just one of the players in it.

If I chose to ignore the feelings of the others I could write it down and someday I hope to, but the time hasn’t come yet.

Don’t ask me to provide a timeline for when it might happen because it may never and even if it does, well we may choose not to say more than the few words we have shared.

What I know is that even though I have no right to ask I have, I did and I would do so again.

Once I was a tailor singing a song about a joyful surprise and now I no longer sing it. Perhaps I will again and perhaps I won’t.

The interesting part of life comes from not knowing what will happen now doesn’t it.

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