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Some Love Never Dies

Some love never dies, maybe it does dormant or quiets down for a while, but death is not something that applies to it.

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Sometimes the questions we ask go one direction and sometimes they go another.

You wonder how is it a simple picture takes your breath away and you cannot describe it in any other way than stunning.

It is almost involuntary, a reaction you shouldn’t be surprised by because it has happened before but yet you are…stunned and shocked by it.

So you lean back in your chair, cross your arms, close your eyes and wonder about the magic in that moment and if it will ever reappear in person and then decide there is no doubt it will.

The real question is with whom.

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Questions We Ask

There are questions we ask that require answers and others that don’t.

Sometimes the questions we ask are important not for the answers we hope to get but because of the ones we come up with for ourselves.

Once some years ago a woman told me I was the love of her life. She has always been the only one to ever say this to me or so I think.

It is possible another said it but if they did I can’t remember and that should tell you all you need to know about whether it held any meaning for me

Sundays and Stuff

That is what comes to mind when I think of the first. I wonder what I should take from being called the love of her life.

I wonder if she remembers saying it and what it means today to her. I wonder if I would get an honest answer if I asked but though I might like it, I don’t really need it.

It is easier to go with my gut and to ask my heart.

Some might suggest that is a way to avoid pain and heartbreak, to prevent hearing what I don’t want to hear.

Others might say it is a better way to maintain honesty and to avoid asking questions that are easy but complicated by circumstances.

I can parse, part and peel away the pieces and layers and that is where I find my answer. That is where I see reality and if the other pieces weren’t in place, well I expect that I would get the answer I feel.

Maybe it is right, maybe it is wrong but sometimes we have nothing but our feelings and a man can’t be faulted for feeling what he feels.

The heart wants what it wants and all that jazz.

Sometimes all we have is what we have during particular moments in time and those things can change. They can go up, down and around on that giant carousel we all ride.

Some days your heart is full and some it is empty and all that you ask is whether you share it with another or not.

I know what I know, feel what I feel and am comfortable where I am. One day I may choose to do or walk elsewhere or perhaps I won’t.

The love of my life–does that refer to one or many.

Guess only time will tell.

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