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What Would I Ask?

The man looked at the naked conversation and thought about what he could or should say.

He thought about telling the woman about the dream in which he found himself buried to the hilt, her legs wrapped around him and the sense that everything in the world was right for just a moment.

Would she take it as a ploy to get into her pants or recognize the sincerity.

He didn’t know if it was a real question or if she felt the connection like he did.

The strange thing was he had thought it should have gone away for any number of reasons but it didn’t and since it hadn’t he paid attention.

It was hard not to call her and say they had to figure out a way to do more and learn more.

They had to discern what it was and pay close attention to what it could be because tomorrow wasn’t a promise.

A pain in his left arm made him wonder if there was more going on with him than he knew and if he ought to take it more seriously./

There were a million different reasons for arm pain but he kept thinking about what would happen if it were a heart attack

What would it take for him to decide to get checked out and if they did determine it was a heart attack would he call or write her to let her know.

He figured if the pain continued and he did decide to get checked out he wouldn’t say anything unless surgery was required because otherwise it probably wasn’t serious.

And if it was really serious and he had time to get in touch he would but he really didn’t think it was likely/

The whole line of thought made him scrunch up his face. Was he really that old and hadn’t he been exercising.

All the speculation about his health annoyed him but only slightly less than recognizing the other thing.

“You really got yourself into something, didn’t you.”

The reflection didn’t respond and so he let the silence grow but it didn’t stop him from wondering if she missed him.

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A Naked Conversation

The man told the woman he wanted to have a naked conversation with her.

He felt her eyes narrow and heard her sigh as she tried to decide he what kind of response to give or not give.

“You could give me your mouth. You could give me your whole body and I would be happy just as I was before. I like to believe you were too.

But the real trick is getting your head to let go of your heart because if I get that, well I get it all.

Those aren’t just words, that is experience with you. I know your head and I know your heart.

Can’t explain the how and why, I just do.”

He turned away and started walking hoping she would come after him. It wasn’t a game, but he couldn’t just stand there and watch. He was too naked, too raw and too vulnerable.

And then something happened.

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