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Things You Know

The man told the woman that he thought it was funny she said his taste is dull and boring.

“You don’t know much about how I really feel about food. We haven’t officially lived together or shared that many meals.

I never worry about whether our eating would work or not because it would. That is a minor detail.”

He looked out the window, smiled and relaxed because he was enjoying the first real vacation he had in years.

“You know I offered to take you out for your birthday and you never responded. I would have taken you to that joint you like and found many options.”

He smiled again and wondered if his voice came across as soft or harsh.

Almost twenty years, how did that happen. How did so much time pass so quickly.

He smiled a last time, thought about the stories he knew that were similar, wondered if he would ever tell them and grabbed a book to read.

Vacation time was on.

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Sooner Or Later

The man looks at the time and the calendar and recalls what once was and thinks to himself it will reconcile with what is and what may yet be.

The fire still burns and it doesn’t require lightning to strike again.

Sooner or later the moment will come.

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Island Fantasies

The man didn’t plan on getting drunk and isn’t really sure if he is but knows he isn’t sober.

Thinks about calling the girl and asking her when the last time she got to lay on her back and be taken care of in a way that she really enjoyed.

Wonders when the last time she was bent over a table and worked.

And wonders when the last time she felt loved, trusted and understood in a way that made her happy to give herself to a man in such a fashion.

Maybe lately, maybe not for a long time.

Would this lead to an island get away with island fantasies- perhaps and perhaps not.

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Age Is Relative

The man hears a couple of younger guys talking about how they need to get laid now because they know women won’t be able to take it when they hit forty or so.

He laughs because he knows from experience they know nothing.

For a moment he plays around with calling the girl and asking her if he can bend her over the table and have his way or if she would prefer to feel both of his hands upon her head.

It has been forever since they did any of that and forever since he really did anything like that with anyone.

Sometimes he wonders if he has forgotten how or if she can bring it out of him.

It is a thousand years since it all started and he knows some things have changed but wonders if the physical is tied into the emotional and mental.

He figures one day he’ll get a chance to find out.

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What Can A Hug Do…

Many years ago she told him she would hang out with him if he promised her she wouldn’t have to fight him off every time.

The not fighting him off part lasted until she decided he would have to fight her off and as she expected he didn’t.

Life followed its meandering course and they got pulled apart as fast as they were put back together.

When he looked at them he saw it as a relationship that began through the strangest of circumstances and alternately gnashed his teeth and laughed.


He remembered a newly single friend telling him there was no reason to focus on just one girl and that a man of his age could up his odds if he got his mid section carved like a twenty-something.

“That might be true, but if long held beliefs have any validity to them a hug might take care of everything.”

“What are you talking about? Women need a little more than that. They need some time to get warmed up.”

He shook his head no and said, “It is a chemical thing between us. There is a depth that goes beyond the materialistic and superficial.

Sure some of that helps a bit, but if we really smell each other, if we inhale that essence of the other it triggers something and always will.”

The single man asked how that could be when it hadn’t kept them from splitting apart.

“Who says we did. This has always been different and somewhat unconventional. What makes you think you can see more than we can.”

The single man asked the last time they had kissed and he replied “every night since eternity began.”


He didn’t have to ask her if she liked that idea or found it romantic because he knew she would.

Dependent upon circumstances she might not admit it, but he was certain she would like the concept even if she kept it locked inside a secret section of her heart.

And should that kiss move under the sun or a starry night they would talk about how the compression of time and how some things felt so very familiar and yet so very new.

Electricity never ends.

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