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One Day Soon

He wrote his dear lady a letter and said he heard her in the silence and that was enough for him to know she agreed.

Gave him butterflies and gave him a warm feeling he hadn’t had in a long while.

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My Dear Lady

My Dear Lady,

It appears you haven’t decided if you wish to let me woo you or if you’ll simply swoon at my touch.

Both could be true and given history, I say soon you’ll swoon.

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My Lady

He saw her coming, smiled and greeted her. “Hello my lady, what may I do to provide pleasure today.”

She narrowed her eyes and he offered to bury his nose in her neck.

“You’re not offering, you’re telling me what you are going to do.”

“Perhaps, maybe I should just say submit. :D”

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The Smart Taurus

The Smart Taurus knows things and can help the Smart Virgo in all sorts of ways.

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The Smart Virgo

The man reminded the woman about the words of the prophets that weren’t written on the subway walls.

Taurus and Virgo:

Both earth signs share the ability to communicate and understand one another intuitively. Their conversations get better over time and so does the relationship. They will understand each other’s goals and hopes for the future. There is an unspoken bond here that once established, hardly ever gets broken. They will provide each other with what the other person instinctively needs and desires sexually. You can’t go wrong with this astrological combination, period. A strong attraction and loyalty will keep these two together. Relatives can sometimes be a problem for these two.  Virgos understand that listening to their Taurus can provide them the sort of answers that they cannot figure out on their own. The smart Virgo recognizes that Taurus mate knows how to reach them in ways that no other can. Focus on healing yourselves and each other and you will have a mate for life.

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