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What happens if you discover the love you thought was gone because it was too complicated isn’t really gone.

What do you do when you think you sense it but aren’t sure if you should ask about it.

What if time has passed and the circumstances that made it difficult have changed.

Lots of what ifs- easier to say she ought to just submit and see what happens then to map out options.

Especially when pandemics play with possibilities.

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I Can Still Take You

“I can still take you.”

He let the words hang in the air so she could wonder if he meant sexually, romantically or on vacation.

Hell, it could be all of the above.

It was one hell of a collective nightmare they were in.

“Woman, you can’t blame me for saying I want to have you 938 times or something like that. It is a hell of a lot more interesting and fun to think about than the other crap.

Besides, we still know how to get to our secret world…if we choose to.”

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