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Wait & See

Time passes and days apart turn into years leading to questions about whether it makes sense to wait and see.

They connect and disconnect and yet never completely let go of each other leading to significant questions about who is doing what and why.

Maybe she really didn’t love him anymore and wanted him to go live his life without her. Maybe she did love him but felt like she couldn’t give any more than friendship from a distance.

Or maybe it was it all of that, none of that and something in between.

You could argue there was no way to know without taking a wait and see approach or suggest that the best you could do was focus on actions taken and nothing else.

He wanted to take definitive action to move ahead one way or another but refused to act unilaterally.

Not out of fear but because his gut said otherwise and that was enough for him to move with purpose and act decisively but not impulsively.

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