Do You Want A Real Story Part II

She came looking for me and asked me a few questions that she had to know would open a door I have been knocking on.

“Woman, you know I have been saying for a while this moment would come. Guess the dawning of the Age of Aquarius has returned.

Give me your hand, it is time to journey together both within our secret garden and elsewhere.

So let the music play and hold on to my hand and we’ll see each other through to the other side. If you want the real story, I can tell it. I can write it and I can share it.

I am just a boy asking a girl to take a chance.

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Do You Want A Real Story?

I wrote a letter to a woman and asked her in multiple places if she wants a real story or fragments of something.

Reminds me I need to grab a hold of these and do something with them.

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Retirement Plans

The woman told the man her plans for retirement and he wondered if she really intended to go down a particular road.

It didn’t make much sense to him and he wondered if it was perhaps a test or perhaps the plan she had today.

In the interim he suggested she get off of her butt and kiss him again. There was merit in checking on the magic.

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A Story Is Coming

Working on one, haven’t decided whether to unveil it here or not. Depends on feedback and if I get any from someone in particular.

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The Man And Woman Part 3

The man wrote a story in several places and played around with linking it over and over or just letting it play here.

Threw on the boss, listened and told her the time was coming and smiled.

Figured she would read it twice to see if she missed anything direct or indirect and smiled again.

Could take you by the hand lead you to the secret garden and there is a damn good chance you would go along and not realize you had left the real world because there is magic makes us lose track of time and space.

Can be kind of scary but in the best way.

Sometimes you have let the fear flow through you and go forward with butterflies in your stomach so that you can get answers.

Don’t want to be the senior citizen looking back in time thinking about a red headed boy that meant something. Sometimes you just got to be the Rosie to a man and enjoy it for all the time you get it be it a day or decades.

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The Man & The Woman Part II

The man saw the woman read his words on Tuesday and wondered if she would come back on Wednesday.

He thought about telling her to read some of the material here or here and then wondered if she had read most of it. Some she had absolutely seen but not all and so he placed the link there and let it be.

There was this question in his head about whether she was chasing him indirectly or at least trying to indicate she wished to be pursued.

He had no doubt she wished to spend real time with him and enjoy all that came with it but recognized she might be processing that in a different way.

Might even think because it held some complications that she ought to avoid it. He had told her that was a mistake for a variety of reasons and that they needed answers that wouldn’t come solely from contemplation.

He suspected that if she were seated in front of him she might even blush and turn from the intensity of his gaze because she knew it would cover body and soul.

Not that she couldn’t handle it, she absolutely could but sometimes he reached beyond the wall and surprised her. Sometimes she he found the girl inside the woman and made her giggle like she hadn’t done in years.

It was fun and sometimes frustrating, but mostly fun.

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The Man And The Woman

The man and the woman had a long history together in which they were sometimes together and sometimes apart.

But the man felt that even when they were apart, they were never really apart. They were always connected.

It was rare that he didn’t feel it strongly and not unusual for it to feel like a dull ache when she was far away or a sharp pain when she closed off contact.

He always managed and always knew he could and would survive whatever happened, but he wondered what she really thought.

He wondered if she was really honest with him and herself. She said he was the love of her life and he was certain she had meant it.

Sometimes feelings change and it was possible hers had but it was also possible they hadn’t and she had tried to bury things because of circumstances.

Sometimes people convinced themselves of some things. Maybe he had convinced himself and maybe she had convinced herself.

He wanted to spend time with her again to figure that out. He wanted to kiss her because his heart said that would be very telling, like a fairytale romance.

He was sure he was going to get the chance. She had read things he wrote and that was part of what convinced him, but not all.

There were other things too.

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So he saw she had visited the familiar places and wondered if she was going to reach out to him or if she expected him to reach out to her.

“I know things, but I am not a mind reader…”

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Just A Boy Asking A Girl

You could say I am just a boy asking to let herself remember who we were and give a chance to taking in to the present so we can be who we are.

Because we never did let ourselves really find out, never did take possibility and opportunity for more than a little while and now circumstances are different.

Now we can dare to hold hands and walk through our garden together.

Step into my arms and tell me it doesn’t bring it all back because it never really left, it just slumbered for a while.

And now, well now we can take some time and learn more about it or we can let fear prevent it all from being something.

Sometimes that sounds easier but I don’t know that easier is better, just a slow form of death and I am not ready to die.

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Stories To Tell

Thought about picking up this tale and expanding it but haven’t decided yet because this one could be good too.

There are others that were written for the same group that tied into similar themes, threads that speak to me and still do so today, I could easily pick them up and do something with them.

And I just might, maybe, just maybe someone will get a chance to be part of it, if they want or maybe not. 🙂

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