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The Rules Continued

He thought about the rules and stared at her two most recent pictures.

Technically he ought to just appreciate the photos and let it be, except that is not how it worked.

He saw long black hair and remembered wrapping his fingers in it and holding her head.

Some would say it was for one specific purpose and there was some truth to that, but most of the time it was because he liked being as close as possible and that seemed to help maintain a deeper level of intimacy.

He paid very close attention to everything about her.

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The Rules

The woman chastised the man and suggested she didn’t like some of the things he was doing and he rolled his eyes.

“Woman, I care deeply for and about you. I let you get away with quite a bit, but you don’t get a vote in how I live unless you are sleeping with me. And even that has limits on it.

But given that we are probably going to end up in bed again maybe you’ll get your chance and I might even listen.

Those are the rules.”

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