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Saturday Night

Es tan corto el amor y tan largo el olvido

The man thinks about the Winter Woman and plays Rainmaker for a moment while playing around with what he wishes to say and do. Thinks about telling the woman he needs her to submit to his electric hands and be with him for a while.

He senses something that he can’t quite put his finger on and is trying to chase it down to figure out what it might be. There is a question of faith and willingness to take a chance.

Can’t figure out if he is fooling himself or if that other thing he senses is more than a feeling. For a moment he wonders if it’s the alcohol and decides he hasn’t drunk enough for it to be.

If he sees her visit their home he might write more if it feels right.

It is crazy, ridiculous but it also makes perfect sense so he shrugs his shoulders decides to just roll with it, whatever may come.

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My Winter Woman

The man texted with the woman about the crazy impact of the winter weather upon their lives and prepared a text in which he called her his Winter Woman.

Wrote a bunch of soft and sweet words after it and promised to help take care of and protect her. Wrote about how he knew she didn’t need him for that, but he wanted to do so anyway.

Wouldn’t hurt to have an extra set of hands to help out with.

Then he clipped it and decided to wait. He knew she knew more about his thoughts than she was letting on and was pretty sure she knew he knew.

Eventually his Winter Woman would say something because she knew there was a line with him and that he wouldn’t sit in silence forever.

She would do her thing until she was ready to change or until she thought he might disappear for lack of communication. He had said no to her before and was capable of doing it again, even if it wasn’t first choice for all parties.

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One More Letter

I wonder if you want me to really let go and write for you. Wonder if you want me to take down my wall and let go or if it is too much, too intense and too frightening.

Wonder if you think I am crazy in a good way or crazy in an unhinged way.

Wonder if you are ready to take down your wall or leave it up to protect yourself because you feel weight of my presence.

Some like it and some find it far too much and far too everything.

I wonder.

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