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Karma, Destiny Or Coincidence

Had some things happen in my life, ya know stuff that makes you ask questions and think about whether there is a bigger picture.

Something bigger, bolder and greater than us all.

Some days I am certain I know the answer and I see Karma and Destiny moving chess pieces and other days, well it is just coincidence.

But if you got an honest answer out of me I’d say the best test is a kiss.

That’s the one where you both get the most honest answer you can ever find but the thing is, sometimes you lie to yourself and sometimes you lie to others.

Honesty isn’t easy and it doesn’t always jibe well with the reality you seem to think you are living for and or under.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t know or that the person you kissed doesn’t know either because somethings can’t be proved in any court other than the heart.

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Serendipity Visits

You told me long ago that you didn’t believe in fate, destiny or Karma.

Life was a series of events, moments in time sometimes punctuated by actions described as coincidence.

I believed as you did too because it made sense. I could prove it by touch, taste, sight, sound and feel until I couldn’t.

Because angels intervened and the heavens made me aware there was something more than just us.

Don’t care if anyone believes it but me.

Don’t need approval or validation to prove what my heart has known as truth for years.

We found each other under during a blue moon, under a night sky that held more stars than we could comprehend of.

I fought it for a while because it was easier and I thought smarter.

But that one kiss screwed up my plan and nothing has ever been the same.

Some would call it a blessing and some would call it a curse.

I call it serendipity.

And I call upon the voice inside our heads, the one that speaks in a voice only we can hear to verify this claim.

Because when the lights go out and we close our eyes this truth reveals itself to us again and again.

Love isn’t broken or beaten, only delayed.


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