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Some Things Simply Are

I don’t remember falling in love with her any more than I remember being born but they both happened and until death comes nothing will change that.

I used to think that was the sort of stupid comment made by the lonely or the lovesick and then life smacked me in the mouth and woke me up.

You either get it or you don’t and if you don’t get it there is no reason to try and explain it.

Believe me she and I have danced around and with this crazy thing for long enough that neither of us remember when we didn’t know the other existed.

Sometimes we have wished it wasn’t so and have tried to find ways to live alone and apart but it doesn’t ever work the way we want or think it should.

We get pulled back towards each other and find ourselves trying to figure out what the fuck happened.

You have to figure if we can’t figure it out there is no way you’ll get it and ultimately that is ok because we are the ones who have to determine what sort of life we want to lead together or apart.

There is an intensity and depth here that keeps us connected, even when we aren’t. Keeps us tied together even when we intentionally move away from each other.

And there is a sixth sense kind of think going on, an invisible thread we might not always acknowledge but we sure as hell feel.

Might be times where we lie to ourselves about it, but it is always there and it raises all sorts of interesting questions.

Can’t say how or if those questions will be answered, but they haven’t ever really gone away so I suspect at some point together or separately we’ll look into them.

Love burns, sometimes in the best way and sometimes in the hardest.

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