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The boy looked up at the sky and remembered the not so distant past when he would stare at the moon and wonder if she was thinking about him.

And if so, was she thinking she had missed someone important or dodged a bullet?

It was an extreme thought, especially given the years in which they pledged eternal love to each other.

In those days they had discussed if it was real or fantasy and concluded it had to be real because they were adults with life experience.

They knew from love and from fantasy. Knew from lust and deep meaningful relationship.

Sometimes he had tried to convince himself it was fake, false and fantasy because it made it easier and he wondered if she did too.

But he never let that line of thought live for long because it always faded away and the other returned so he accepted as something more.


Something more had moments of pain and difficulty in which he thought of himself as being foolish, but even that didn’t last.


Who knew.

So he accepted their are people you really are eternally bound to and that you didn’t always know how that would play out and look.

He suspected she might agree but that she would be cautious about saying so and he understood that too.

But he was also certain she would see the true romance there and recognize there was no ulterior motive in it.

It simply was and in his they simply were too.

What that was or meant wasn’t something he had to rush to quantify or qualify.

He knew they enjoyed spending time with each other and that though some things were complex, that wasn’t.

It was all part of that conversation.

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One Day Back In The U.S.

She didn’t tell him she was going to leave the states or for how long she would be gone nor was she obligated to, but it bothered him a little bit.

He wondered why it should and why it did because logic said it shouldn’t but logic left the building and took reason with it leaving feeling in charge.

So courtesy of social media he found out where she was and bits and pieces about what she was doing and for a while he just sat upon it.

Since he could see who read his newspaper clippings he knew she was following his doings and thought about how funny it was.

They still hadn’t let go but weren’t really holding on or were they.

He tried to make sense of it and came up with a scene from a movie and thought there might be some application.

One Day Back In The US

He watched the video twice and wondered if she would follow his thought pattern and agree. Wondered if she would admit she agreed or would tell him he was mistaken.

Sometimes life was simple in some areas and complicated in others.

Maybe you never completely fell out of love but got enough distance to think of another as someone you just loved.

They would be special, but that magic something or other wouldn’t be brought front and center so you might miss it and respond differently.

Or maybe you knew damn well it was still there but ignored it because you wouldn’t let yourself think about ways to get past the hurdles and complications.

He wondered about many things and thought that one day she would come back to the US and he would get a chance to look her in the eyes and ask.

Wondered if that magic feeling would stay in hiding or if it would force its way to the surface and they’d have to acknowledge it.

So he sent out a thought to her, offering an ethereal hand and asked her to take it because he figured if she did they could and would figure it out together.

That would be better than figuring it out alone and apart…maybe.

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One of the popular posts from time gone by.

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